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Dance & Craft Club

Dance Club :

The dance club at MOTHER ARTS & SCENE COLLEGE Peruvallur, under the leadership of Dance Club Coordinator is there to encourage participation in dance events irrespective of the student’s degree of talent. We provide an opportunity to nourish the heart of dancer in students through constant engagement and also through workshops conducted by professionals.

This dance club is to boost the morale of students and highlight their talent for dance and creativity. It provides opportunities for dance lovers to prove their talent, and it is a good platform for their artistic exploration. This club plays an important role in maintaining a positive environment at the college. Through this Club, students get opportunities to represent MOTHER ARTS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE in various reputed organizations and competitions.

In this academic year (2023-2034), we are focusing on classical dance and western dance.

CLASSICAL DANCE: Classical dance forms use basically the 'mudras, or signs of the hand, as a common language of expression and were originally performed in temples to entertain various Gods and Goddesses. They were also effective in carrying forward the various mythological stories from generation to generation while entertaining the audiences. It eventually became a part of 'NatyaShashtra', and with time, the classical dances evolved to include expressions and themes from social life and experience.

WESTERN DANCE, along with music, has always dynamically expressed the spirit and personality of every culture. Modern western dance is part of this global language, and its roots run wide and deep. They can be traced to the taverns of Ireland, to the ballrooms of Europe, to the Czarist palaces of Russia, and further back still to the fluid tribal rituals of Africa. Representatives from all of these cultures brought their native dances when they landed in America. Widely differing peoples who had little or no exposure to one another gathered and danced on common ground.



The dance club is open to all, irrespective of whether you know how to dance or not. The dance club believes that anybody can dance, and all you need is the heart to dance. Dance is a way to express one’s emotions and feelings. The Dance club has decided to practice dance styles like: Hip-hop ,Contemporary, Jazz, Robotics, Semi classical, Classical , Zumba, Aerobics

Stretching ,Areal and other native dance forms like Oppana  and Thiruvathirakali .

Crafts Club :

Creativity Never Sleeps!        

The objective of our Crafts Club is to fine-tune the exercise of thought of our students and thereby implement the most sublime mission of the man to value the aesthetics and beauty around us. As the child matures into an adult college going student, the practice and passion of this crafts may fade away in the midst of grueling academic stress, competition, and parental demands. Crafts give our students a chance to find themselves according to their imagination and make them – a feel-good status. With this spirit, MOTHER ARTS & SCIENCE COLLEGE Crafts Club welcomes our students on a creative journey. At the end of every year, an exhibition of the works done by the members of the club is organized. Our activities include: Painting., Drawing, 3D Art and Sculpture.,Collage.Clay and Play dough, Antiques, Digital Art & Photography content, Sketching, Handicraft, Origami, Woolen Work, Wooden Work, Paper Craft, Photo Gallery and so on.

The aim of Crafts Club Provide learning experience which develop the student’s aesthetic and artistic skills, confidence and practice and art and design appreciation. Develop and enhance the student’s ability to appreciate, response, enjoy, value, create and communicate through art and design. Develop the student’s individuality and self-esteem through activities. Encourage the students to work in collaborated with others. An objective of Crafts Club is to enable students to create artifacts that are visually expressive. Allow students to work through the process of bringing an idea from conception to realization. Promote an understanding of relevant current tools and technologies applied to art, craft and design.