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Literary Club

The Literary club is a place where students can meet to read and write. The Literary club has been an ongoing and active club for several years. The club members can meet to discuss books, writers, and the craft of writing. `Vaigari´ is the Major attraction of the programmes organised by the Literary club. On the third Wednesday of every month, programmes like a travel through writers and their works are conducted. From time to time, the Literary club organises a rich and diverse array of literary activities such as debates, group discussions, Poetry writing and recitation, Short story writing, quiz contests, and interactive or lecture sessions. The objective of the Literary club is to inculcate in students a flair for the language and enhance their literary skills. To introduce reading habits in students, encourage students to become orators, display their intellectual and independent thinking skills, and imbibe a sense of confidence. The theme of the Literary club is reading, writing, and analysing.