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About The College


Mother arts and Science College, (MASC)established in 2002, and run by Al-Nasar Trust, Puvathur has continuously striven to build an inclusive knowledge society through inclusive education. MASC is affiliated to University of Calicut, Malappuram, Kerala and is a self financing college. It is the first affiliated college in Manalur Legislative Assembly Constitution.


To kindle the fire of words beyond the Horizon through the wings of Literature.


In part of life experience to students and teachers through the time of Classics. Familiarize world classics to students through Folktales, Legends and Mythology. Introduce the students different forms of Art, Literature and Cinema. Teach them the inseparable bond and intimacy among nature, livingbeings, flora and founa, ecclesiastical bodies and humanbeings. Train students to listen, to read, to speak and to write thereby mould them to make effective communication and outpour emotional experiences in the form of creative work . To enhance students' caliber to compete with International students in communication skills and creativity.

Our College

Mother Arts and science College PO.peruvallur Peruvallur, Thrissur Dt. kerala,India