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Quiz Club

Mother Arts and Science College, Peruvallur, has been at the forefront of the education from the day of inception. The institute consist of various  students from various places. It is the responsibility of the institute to uphold and uplift the quality of education in all aspects.


The club's primary goal is to keep students' knowledge current in a variety of areas, including academics, general knowledge, analytical skills, quantitative thinking, etc. Every academic year, quiz programs are held for the benefit of the pupils.


The Quiz Club seeks to discover students with a talent for quizzes and provide them with opportunities to hone their quizzing abilities. For the benefit of the students, quiz programs are held at regular intervals throughout each academic year. The recipients receive their awards and certificates on College Achievers Day. Additionally, students have the chance to represent the college in quiz competitions held by other academic institutions.


The club strives to increase student interest in order to improve their general knowledge and to prepare for competitive exams.

• To increase student participation in quizzes.

• To give the kids the tools they need to compete and prevail in the quizzing world.

• To organize a team of quiz-lovers.

• To introduce freshmen to the world of learning.

• To instruct them on particular quizzing topics and motivate them to take quizzes.

• To organize interdepartmental quiz tournaments.

• To periodically provide tests to club members on particular subjects.