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Physics Department

The department of Physics at Mother Arts and Science College was established in 2002 at complementary level and in 2014 at core level. The aim of the department is to inculcate quality education in Physics to the students and create more physicists who better design the development of the nation. The dedicated faculty provides all assistance to the students in the domain of Physics such that some excel in the subject and proceed further with great enthusiasm. We also promote extra-curricular activities for the overall development of students. The department of Physics is well equipped with the sophisticated lab facilities which makes the student develops the observational and experimental skills. At present the department offers B. Sc. Physics, spanned over 6 semesters, and M. Sc. Physics, spanned over 4 semesters. The department of Physics has conducted an intercollegial seminar, Noviscientia in 2019 on 'Non-linear dynamics'. The department also provides opportunities for the active participation in seminars across the universities. The faculty members are used to visit other colleges as university external examiners for the practicals and participate in the university examination evaluation camps. Our outstanding alumni includes the students who pursue M. Sc. Physics in CUSAT and other universities.

Present department faculty includes: Arun P (Head of the Department, Assistant Professor), Likhina Lanson (Assistant Professor)