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The Mother College library is the most resourceful information centre. It is a multimedia connected library. Digital library concept is in the process of  completion. The library has the largest collection of books (over 16000) journals (15) Magazines(12) and news papers (7)  in the field of Education. As the role of the Library within any College can be realized only in the context of the institution's philosophy of education, the basic objectives of the Library department are in tune with those of the Mother. They are as follows:

  • To develop appropriate collections in various disciplines for satisfying the needs of the diverse clientele of the libraries of the College
  • To provide reading, lending, reference, information and documentation facilities to all categories of staff and students.
  • To develop a special collection of education books and journals at the libraries.
  • To provide documentation and comprehensive reference/information services in areas related to education.
MissionThe primary mission of the library is to support the educational programmes of the College by providing physical and intellectual access to information. In accordance with the objectives of the College, the library aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents, useful for the readers.ServiceThe Central Library provides the following services/facilities:
  • Reading
  • Reference & Referral
  • User guidance
  • Bibliographies/Indexes
  • CD-ROM search
RulesOpening Hours:
The library remains open on all the working days except Second Saturdays, Sundays and college notified holidays.
  • The opening hours of the Library are from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM
  • All Library services are provided from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Lunch break is observed from 1.30 PM to 2.00 PM for all services except reading and circulation services.
Use Of The Library And Materials:

    Members must show their Library Card on entering the Library, while borrowing books and journals and at any time if asked to do so by the Library Staff.
  • Briefcases, bags, umbrella, lunch boxes and other personal belongings must be deposited at the entrance.
  • Every member must sign the Register available at the entrance. Personal reading materials must be specifically indicated in the Register and shown to the security guard while entering and exiting from the Library.
  • Members are free to browse through the books. Books taken out of the shelves must be put on a table. Replacing the books on shelves is not encouraged as it may be misplaced. Misplaced book is a lost book.
  • A Non-member can use the library material on the premises with the permission
  • Readers should not mark, underline, dog-ear mark, write, tear pages or damages the Library documents.
  • Strict silence, decorum and discipline must be maintained in the Library
  • Member should behave in a reasonable and seemly fashion in the Library and must not damage library property or disturb other members.
  • Smoking, eating, sleeping and talking loudly are strictly prohibited in the Library.
  • Members should not reserve seats either for themselves or for others.
  • Newspapers and magazines must be read only in the Library on specific tables and should not be taken to any other reading areas.
  • No Library material can be taken out of the library without permission.

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